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How much do bullmastiffs cost?  Ever heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?  A Less expensive backyard bred puppy may be just fine, but they may not. Polygenetic Health issues such as hip problems or should be pre-screened for several generations in order to consider the depth and breadth of pedigree.  Puppies are $3,500 which does not even come close to covering expenses of breeding and showing dogs.  Puppies can be safely picked up and carried on flight in a sherpa bag onto the plane.  Check with the Airlines as rules differ.  The airport is MSP and is 60 minutes from our home.

How do I choose a Breeder?  

The AKC has excellent information on choosing a breeder.  Questions to ask:

-Are they a member of the American Bullmastiff Association? What other club affiliations or memberships that are bullmastiff specific do they have?  -Do they actively show in AKC conformation events?  -Do they do ALL health testing on their dogs and publish it?  If new, who is their mentor and how many years are they breeding?  Do they volunteer and give back to the breed?  Do they strive to improve their knowledge and help teach others in the breed?  Why are they breeding?  Do they use contracts that spell out what they guarantee for health - it is illegal to sell a dog without a contact in MN and violates statute of frauds nationally so put it in writing!   Are they really trying to improve the breed or take shortcuts and make a fast buck?  

Which health tests should a Bullmastiff have?  OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, CERF Eyes, Thyroid and Cardiologist tested Heart.  This information should be posted on the OFA.ORG webpage and you can look it up yourself given the parents AKC names or numbers.  Consider the financial impact and impact to the dog's health and well being where breeders are not testing the health of the dogs.  We strive to breed healthy dogs and have our links to the OFA site available.  Ask for proof, I see a lot of back yard breeders trying to sell dogs and say they are "tested" and the parents are "just fine" but they don't have proof.    

Do I need a fenced yard?  If you have time to hand walk a puppy or dog 12 or more times a day and provide a safe fenced area for them to have appropriate play bounding exercise we will consider it.  Commit to 1-2 miles a day walking several times a day.  Experienced homes with a fenced yard or homes that have proven track record of commitment to walking their dog will be strongly considered.  Invisible fencing does not protect your dog from other dogs or strangers.

Just because a dog is AKC registered is no gty of their health or quality - it merely states they are a bullmastiff.  Papers are only as good as the ethics of the person breeding the dogs!