About Us

About Us: 

Kathy is an AKC judge and an AKC breeder of merit with over 25+ years experience in carefully curating a line that is health tested, excellent temperament, and impressively beautiful.  You can contact us about puppies, KathySGladen@gmail.com.  Please visit our upcoming litter page for information on our dogs and our puppies.  We do not keep waiting lists because we believe people who want the best puppies done right will be loyal and wait for the right one for them.  

 Member of the Cambridge Kennel Club, Midwest Bullmastiff Fanciers & American Bullmastiff Association.

  • Served on the Board of Directors and held committee positions for all three organizations.
  • Judged sweepstakes at National and Regional Specialty. Held officer and show chair positions for our local Kennel Club.
  • Breeder, owner &/or handler of National and Regional Specialty Winners.

Puppies are $3,500 and we do not make money on our litters.  Real jobs pay for this expensive hobby.  Kathy is a CPA and a CISA and works in the financial services industry.

Where we started

Kathy is an AKC Approved Breeder of Merit and has owned bullmastiffs since 1988.  She started with a pet quality bullmastiffs initially, and her first AKC show dogs were Bulldogs.  Kathy attributes many of her priciples to one of the all time greatest Breeder-Owner-Handlers of Bulldogs, Karl and Joyce Dingman. She learned ethical guidance from Karl and Joyce and with their local bulldog club involvement. Even today, when mentoring others Kathy refers to the teachings from Karl as "my old bulldog mentor would say..."  

Sly & Kathy

Sly was my first bullmastiff - Kathy and Sly pictured above in late 1980's - he was 3 months here.

Mentor Karl Dingman showing Frigate